Why should I be interested?

Public health is everywhere! It is an exciting and rare opportunity for undergraduates to have their original work published. UJPH’s seeks to ensure undergraduates specifically are recognized for their hard work and dedication to research and literature in public health. Future employers and graduate schools value publication of your research and evidence of scientific inquiry skills (attested by previous writers)!

Who reads the journal?

Fellow students from universities across the nation, faculty members, deans, and administrators read the journal. By publishing with UJPH, you have the opportunity to showcase your knowledge to your professors and future colleagues. Over the next year, the Editorial Board of UJPH will also be working to ensure all articles published in the journal can be accessed via Google Scholar.

What do I write about?

You can write about any topic that you feel passionate about that relates to public health! Submissions can be on public health events that you yourself have participated in, such as a study abroad experience or research. They can also be about topics you have a lot of knowledge on through personal or academic reading. We love to see submissions on novel topics and classic topics with a new perspective.

How does the print edition submission process work? When are the deadlines?

While deadlines for the print edition of the journal vary from year to year, our typical submission process operates on the following schedule:

Author submission deadline: Late October

Preliminary round of revision by UJPH staff: Finished late November

Authors resubmit after revisions: Early December

Round of editing by UM School of Public Health PhD Candidates: Finished Early January

Authors Resubmit after editing: Late January

Finished physical copy of journal: April

Who can submit? Am I qualified?

Any current undergraduate student is qualified to publish with UJPH. Your collegiate affiliation does not matter. We have received submissions from out of state and international students as well as students from the University of Michigan.

How many publications are there a year?

Currently, the publication is run once a year. However, our online blog receives submissions and is run year round.