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The Undergraduate Journal of Public Health (UJPH) is a student-run academic publication focused on demonstrating the necessity of diverse, interdisciplinary voices in developing solutions to global health challenges. Fully funded by the University of Michigan School of Public Health, UJPH seeks to disseminate knowledge in alignment with the principles of healthy equity and inclusivity.


Stories: A section for narratives that sit at the intersection of public health and your personal experiences

Commentary: A section for opinions, reactions, and hot takes on all things public health

From the Voices: A section written by the UJPH Editorial Board on public health issues pertinent to the Metro-Detroit and Ann Arbor area.

We are currently under-review for this years' section titles. 

*None of the individual views expressed in either the print editions of the Undergraduate Journal of Public Health or the Blog represent the views of UJPH or the University of Michigan unless otherwise specified. 

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